Student programmer – Formally correct software

  • Do you want to learn how to build formally correct software?
  • Are you passionate for computer science and mathematics?
  • Are you strong in programming?
  • Do you like to make proofs?

The student programmer job is for an internal software development project at Con fiware. You will be part of startup activities with potential to make your master thesis within high grade secure/safe software development.

Your job will be to make C code for stdlib, where formal semantics shall be defi ned and you will prove the correctness of the implementation. The library shall be in accordance with a subset of ISO/IEC 9899. Some of the code will be very close to the selected hardware platform and will require good low level knowledge. Tools and speci fication language have already been selected.

You are most likely just started as master student in computer science, mathematics or engineering.

Practical information:

  • Location: Njalsgade 76, 2300 Copenhagen S (Confi ware is sharing building with the University of Copenhagen, South Campus).
  • Part time depending on your studies and our office hours.

About Con fiware

Confi ware is providing cyber security consultancy services for product development and system accreditation/certi cation in close collaboration with our customers.

Con fiware is a privately owned company by Emmik Holding ApS and was established in December 2007 by Arne Stig Peters. Every year since Confi ware was founded the company has been pro table and is today a well consolidated R&D consultancy provider.

Questions and Apply:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Arne on asp@con or on phone 29870402.

Please send your application, CV and listing of your university courses with grades to asp@con No application deadline — fi rst serve basis.